Identify the stakeholders for the Antarctic Life Support System…

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Homework drop box (1.A)
Complete Chapter 1: 1.1-1.4 and Chapter 2: all exercises.
Homework Drop Box (1.B)
Identify the stakeholders for the Antarctic Life Support System. Use the identifying stakeholders’ questions found in the book. Rank this list.
Note: You will not have access to all stakeholders’ groups for the Antarctic Life Support System. Therefore, you will have to “simulate” these stakeholders. Your team members can accomplish this by role playing. For the most important stakeholder groups, team members will play the role of a representative of that group. Role players should put some research effort into better understanding the needs and viewpoints of the stakeholder representative that they have elected to represent. Share your individual list with your teammates after the individual submission due date and compile your stakeholder list as a team. Assign a team member for each of the important stakeholders and do some research to understand the viewpoints of stakeholder which you are role playing and share this with your teammates.
Drop Box (1.C)