I’m trying to validate the contents of Excel sheets that follow several different templates. For eac

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I’m trying to validate the contents of Excel sheets that follow several different templates. For each one, there are three possible validation actions for various cells:

Regex (e.g. “XYZ-123” fails because it doesn’t fit pattern “[A-Z]{4}-d{3}”)
Date/Time format (e.g. “Jan 24, 2013” fails because it’s not mm/dd/yyyy)
Data type (e.g. “xyz” fails because it’s not an integer)
My first thought was to use the following class:

public class Validator
Excel.Worksheet vSheet;
List<Tuple<string,string,string>> cellActions=new List<Tuple<string,string,string>>();

//populates the list of cellActions based on the template type
public Validator(Excel.Worksheet sht)
string templateType=templateCheck(sht);
switch (templateType)
   case “type1”:
    cellActions.Add(new Tuple<string,string,string>(“C5″,”regex”,”[A-Zd]{6}”);
    cellActions.Add(new Tuple<string,string,string>(“D3″,”datatype”,”long”);
    //and so on for another 30 list items
   case “type2”
    cellActions.Add(new Tuple<string,string,string>(“A3″,”date_time”,”yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm”);
    cellActions.Add(new Tuple<string,string,string>(“A6″,”regex”,”.+s[ACGT]{3}”);

private string templateCheck(Excel.Worksheet sht)
//return template type as string based on contents of worksheet

public void validate()
foreach(Tuple<string,string,string> cellAction in cellActions)
   //check the contents of the cell in the vSheet property according to cellAction’s rules

Is this a case where Strategy Pattern would be appropriate? There are several different types of sheets, each with a different list of cells and rules for those cells, so maybe it would be right to think about each template as a strategy to be implemented as a class. Or is this not a situation where the pattern applies, given that each of the 3 validation action types is always the same regardless of which template it’s applied in?