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COIT 20248: Information Systems Analysis and Design
Term 3, 2017
Assessment 1 – Systems Development
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Table of Contents
Insert a word generated table of contents here
1. Introduction
Add your contents here.
Note: In this section, you provide a clear definition of the aims of this report. You also identify the project objectives.
2. Approach to Systems Development
Please add your contents here.
3. Systems Requirements
Add your contents here.
4. Project Cost Benefit Analysis
Add your contents here – Briefly explain what this section is all about.
Table 1: Table Caption
Add your Project Cost Benefit Analysis table here.
5. Project Schedule
Add your contents here.
Add your Gantt Chart here.
FIGURE 1: Figure Caption
6. System Information Requirement Investigation Techniques
Add your contents here.
7. Reflections and Conclusions
Add your reflections about this project (e.g. achievement and constraints), as a paragraph here.
Add your work of conclusions with a summary of your findings, as a different paragraph here.

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