Lesson Plan Summary Focus

Using the COE Lesson Plan Template, you will be developing a lesson plan by completing and submitting several sections of the template throughout this course. (These assignments are separate from the Benchmark assessment, which you should also be working on throughout this course.) As you submit sections and receive feedback, you may revise previously submitted sections based on that feedback before submitting the lesson plan again. (Revisions are for coherency only; they will not affect the scores you received on the initial submissions.)

For this assignment, complete the “National/State Learning Standards” section by selecting a first- to fifth-grade level and a corresponding “Reading: Informational Text” strand, cluster, and standard using the “Sample Annotated Excerpt.”

Complete the “Lesson Summary and Focus” section of the lesson plan. In a few sentences, briefly summarize your lesson and state its central focus based on the content and skills you are going to teach.

For the grade level you are working with, select a corresponding informational text from Appendix B of the standards and list that text in the “Instructional Materials, Equipment and Technology” section of the lesson plan. Keep in mind the diverse backgrounds and needs of your students as listed in the “Class Profile.”

Select a writing, speaking and listening, or language strand, cluster and standard(s) from Arizona’s College and Career and Ready Standards that align with your selections.

Complete the “Classroom and Student Factors” and “Specific Learning Target(s)/Objectives” sections of the COE Lesson Plan Template.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.



Complete the top portion of the COE Lesson Plan template and submit it to your instructor.

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