Major Project 220% of Final Grade HR STAFFING PLAN PROJECT GUIDELINESPURPOSE The purpose of this pro

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Major Project 220% of Final Grade HR STAFFING PLAN PROJECT GUIDELINESPURPOSE The purpose of this project is to provide experience in preparing a human resource(HR) staffing plan for a company. This project incorporates many of the topicsexplored during this class. You will have to make assumptions if the information isnot available on the company’s public site, in their Annual Report, or availablethrough other business sources. CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES:1) Whole Foods 6) AT&T 2) Tesoro 7) Game Stop 3) Valero 8) JC Penney 4) Southwest Airlines 9) Exxon Mobil 5) Sussor Corporation 10) Texas Instruments STEPS: 1. Select a company or organization to use as the focus of this plan and submit the name to the instructor. 2. Assume the company is undergoing an expansion and will need to hire an additional 800 workers at various levels [you decide which ones] of theorganization within an 18-month timeframe.3. Identify the critical skills and job roles needed to staff the company. Develop a baseline staffing level made up of staff members whose absence wouldsignificantly impact the basic functioning of the business.4. Identify current staffing gaps within the organization. You can make assumptions to do this. If you make assumptions, you will have to answer the questions below.However, you can contact the HR department at the organizations, identifyyourself as a Concordia HR student, and ask if they will answer the basicquestions for you:o Have they identified any current staffing gaps within the organization? o Do they believe there are critical staffing needs that are not being currentlymet?Page 1 of 3 Major Project 220% of Final Gradeo Are there any skills sets needed which are not possessed by currentemployees of the company? o If so, what are they doing to locate and hire these people? 5. Forecast the future needs of the organization by categories as a result of the expansion pans identifying any staffing gaps that will arise..6. Assess if current and future gaps can be filled with internal actions such as cross training or transfers or whether external recruitment efforts will be needed.7. Identify if the organization will rely on internal recruitment or contract employees for part or all of the new staffing needs.8. Review the published goals, mission statement and strategic plan for the business, to identify the areas in which the company is expected to grow in thefuture. Consider any planned expansion to product lines, new customers andmarket segments or the acquisition of competitors, for example. Identify theadditional staffing or skill sets needed to achieve this level of growth and identify ifthe additional positions will increase the permanent base staffing level or shouldbe temporary to address a defined short-term need.9. Account for absences, including both those which can be controlled — terminations, for example — and those which cannot be controlled, such asmedical leaves. Identify the number of retirement-eligible staff and determine ifactions can to be taken to train other staff to replace those duties whenretirements occur or if the business will need to hire from the outside. Prepare anestimated timeframe when these retirements will take place. For example, if 75people are retirement eligible, will 35 retire in 2015, 15 in 2016 and 25 in 2017?10. Develop recruitment plans to address any issues that cannot be dealt with through internal training and succession planning. Consider when you will need to recruitto have essential staff on board. For example, if you are recruiting staff with hardto-find skills, you may want to have an open recruitment and hire staff memberswhenever you can find someone suitable — even if no gap exists — to be sure youhave appropriately skilled individuals when you need them. Document the plans inwriting, but adjust them as changes to the business plan arise.11. Turn in a professionally written HR staffing plan for your organization. It should be at least five pages in length plus the title page. Include an executive summary anda reference page. The plan should include information on the company’s mission,values and current plans. Use APA. This is a team grade.12. Each student will prepare and post a 5-7 slide PowerPoint presentation of the staffing plan. Put descriptive information in the notes section. This is anindividual grade.13. The grade will be an average of the paper and the PowerPoint presentation. Page 2 of 3 Major Project 220% of Final Grade14. The paper and the PowerPoints are due in Week 7. IMPORTANT REMINDERS• Review the company’s Annual Report to obtain information on their goals, missionstatement and strategic plans. They are available on their website or by looking on astock tracking website like MSN money or Market Watch, Wall Street Journal, etc.. • If you are unsure how to obtain some information, you MUST contact the instructorfor help while there is sufficient time for you to finish the project. • Refer to the rubric to ensure you have covered all required parts. RESOURCES• • • • Page 3 of 3