Management Practice

For Part B, you have to give me 12 to 15 questions to interview 2 HR manager pertaining the topics. I will have to take at least 1 week to interview the managers. After interviewing the manager then you can start doing part B. 

Part B: Submission 2 Final Report (5000 words)

This submission should include the following sections:

a. Introduction (1,500 words)

i. Identify the one particular HRM challenge you identified and provide an overview of it. 

ii. Present varying theoretical perspectives which are essential to the analysis of the topic  

b.  Findings (2,500 words)

i. Present the interview findings. The contents should focus on the major findings of the interview in respect to the HRM challenge identified.  

ii. Present insights, variances (if any), between the practice (interview findings) versus what is claimed in evidence from theory   

c. Recommendations and Conclusions (1,000 words)

i. Recommend at least two (2) suggestions to solve or address the HRM challenge raised

ii. Key takeaways and learning pointers 

The Final Report 

– Introduction 

– Literature Review of Key Themes

– Interview Findings 

– Evaluation of Findings

– Recommendations and Key Project Takeaways

Assignment to be completed by 29 Nov. 

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