Managing Compensation



According to expectancy theory, if Joe is rewarded for his high level of performance on a major project at ABC Co. with a set of golf clubs, but Joe does not golf and has no intention of taking up the sport, which linkage/relationship may not be viewed as positive and may not motivate Joe to perform well in the future? What does the research/journal literature say about how organizations and/or managers can motivate employees by applying expectancy theory to the compensation/pay/reward processes? Cite at least (4) references using APA format in-text and on a reference page. This assignment should be double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins. 


Assignment Grading Rubric


Far   Exceeds Standards

Exceeds   Standards

Meets   Standards 

Fails to   Meet Standards


Accuracy of the Response

Did you answer the main   question correctly? What is the plausibility of your response?


Provided the most accurate   answer to the question posed, supported with a strong and convincing   discussion.


Provided an answer that was   possible and this answer was supported via a strong and convincing   discussion.


Provided an answer that was   highly unlikely, but did make a strong argument via the discussion.


Provided a response that   was inaccurate and did not present a strong argument for support.



Depth and Quality of the Response

I will consider how   detailed your discussion is, how far into depth you go, and whether you make   a rational argument. 


Thoroughly discusses the HRM   issue at hand, providing convincing and supported arguments.


Discusses the HRM issue at   hand, providing supported arguments, but could have gone into a bit more   depth.


Discusses the HRM issue at   hand, providing supported arguments, but could have gone into much more   depth.


Fails to discuss the HRM   issue at hand, does not provide convincing or supported arguments, and lacks   any significant degree of depth.



Literature Review of the HR Issue—Reference Support

The more reference support   you use, the better. The quality of the journals is also important.


Empirical research from   multiple journal articles provided strong support for the discussion. Several   of the journal articles used came from top-tier journals.


Empirical research from   journal articles provided support for most of the discussion. More references   could have been used and more could have come from top-tier journals.


Several parts of the   discussion lacked strong support from the empirical research presented in   journal articles. Most of the articles came from lower-level journals.


Fails to support the   knowledge associated with issue at hand. The few articles that were used came   from low-level journals or websites.



Total Score: 

___ out of 25

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