Marking Guide Assessment Task 3: Project Progress Presentation Type-B (10%)… 1 answer below »

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Marking Guide
Assessment Task 3: Project Progress Presentation
Type-B (10%)
Team Name: ___________________________________________________________
Student Name Student ID Requirement Maximum Mark Obtained Mark Comments Team introduction and project background 5 Client’s requirements, stakeholder analysis and definition of project goals. 5 Research and literature review on applicable methodologies, tools, standards, techniques 5 Selection of appropriate methodology, tools and standards for the project with justifications backed up by research 5 Progress so far
Demonstration of satisfactory progress in the project work. Discussion of what is already done in the actual project not just a list of assessment tasks done. 10 Individual evaluation:
Each student should Explain their contribution in the project. Articulate how their contributions fits in overall project outcomes. Justify the hours spend in completing their tasks. Respond to the questions directed to them. 10 Student ID Student Name Mark Overall Presentation:
Quality of slides, clarity on presentation, confidence, professionalism, time management, team’s response to questions asked. 10