Mcdonaldization in higher education | Sociology homework help

Blended courses  such as this one can be seen in a way as examples of McDonaldization in  higher education. In a normal semester, we’d be meeting once a week,  having face-to-face interaction, lectures and discussions, and enjoying  (or not) the general atmospherics of college life.

Now  that the option of any in-person aspect of learning has been suspended  due to the coronavirus, in general, what do you think are some of the  “pros” and “cons” of online classes?  How do you feel about having classes totally online, rather than meeting weekly for lecture, discussion and general interaction?  Is it good thing, a bad thing, or mainly a compromise?

Regarding K-12 education, what  effect do you think standardized tests like the FSA, FCAT etc., have on  the quality of education?  How does emphasis on test preparation  detract from the overall educational experience?  Do you have any  examples from your own experiences in this regard? What effect does emphasis on things like standardization and “accountability” students and their instructors?

Write at least two substantial paragraphs (five sentences each, min.) in your post.

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