Module 06 Course Project – Final Submission


For the past few weeks, we have identified marketing techniques, personal branding and created a SWOT Analysis. Now it’s time to use all of these concepts in a “real world” scenario.

Please develop a marketing plan for a healthcare facility that was recently cited by the OIG (Office of Inspector General), or has been investigated by a journalist (eg., newspaper article, journal). The marketing plan must include a cover page, reference page and must be completed using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Please answer the following items in your marketing plan: Organizational Summary – Explain why the company is in trouble Analysis of the External Environment – (Public perception, economy) Threats and Opportunities                                                           Marketing Goals and Objectives                                     The Target Market Competition – List possible competitors                                                Marketing Strategy                                                            Action Programs (Marketing tactics)                         Budgets – How much money do you think this would cost?

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