Musician is a two-player logical guessing game created for this project. You will not find any…

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The Game of Musician
Musician is a two-player logical guessing game created for this project. You will not find any
information about the game anywhere else, but it is a simple game and this specification will
tell you all you need to know.
For a Musician game, one player is the composer and the other is the performer. The
composer begins by selecting a three-pitch musical chord, where each pitch comprises a musical
note, one of A, B, C, D, E, F, or G, and an octave, one of 1, 2, or 3. This chord will be the
target for the game. The order of pitches in the target is irrelevant, and no pitch may appear
more than once. This game does not include sharps or flats, and no more or less than three
notes may be included in the target.
Once the composer has selected the target chord, the performer repeatedly chooses a
similarly defined chord as a guess and tells it to the composer, who responds by giving the
performer the following feedback:
1. how many pitches in the guess are included in the target (correct pitches)
2. how many pitches have the right note but the wrong octave (correct notes)
3. how many pitches have the right octave but the wrong note (correct octaves)
In counting correct notes and octaves, multiple occurrences in the guess are only counted as
correct if they also appear repeatedly in the target. Correct pitches are not also counted as
correct notes and octaves. For example, with a target of A1, B2, A3, a guess of A1, A2, B1
would be counted as 1 correct pitch (A1 ), two correct notes (A2, B1 ) and one correct octave
(A2 ). B1 would not be counted as a correct octave, even though it has the same octave as
the target A1, because the target A1 was already used to count the guess A1 as a correct
pitch. A few more examples: