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1984 “Contradiction” Essay Purpose of paper: Explain Orwell’s use of contradiction in the novel 1984. Specifically, how is contradiction a part of the world of Oceania and how/why does it work? Choose one of the following topic areas for your essay: LANGUAGE (NEWSPEAK)  THE MIND (DOUBLETHINK) THE MINISTRIES: LOVE, TRUTH, PLENTY, & PEACE SLOGANS: “WAR IS PEACE,” “IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH,” “FREEDOM IS SLAVERY” Your job here is two-fold: Explain how the contradiction appears in the novel and explain how and/or why it works.  


EXAMPLE THESIS: George Orwell uses contradiction in the characters’ thoughts in the novel, and it works effectively because logic itself is destroyed in Oceania. (You are not allowed to use this thesis in your own paper. If you do or plagiarize it you will earn a ZERO on this assignment.) 



1.  Introduction: Write an introduction that briefly introduces the novel, Orwell, and the concept of contradiction in the world of Oceania. Additionally, be sure to focus your introduction on the character or characters you will be discussing in the body of the paper. Finally, write a thesis that takes into account your chosen topic (from above) and generally how it appears and how/why it works in the novel. 

2.  Body of paper: Prove the thesis in two separate body paragraphs: In body paragraph #1, explain how this aspect of contradiction appears in the book. Be specific as opposed to being general here with examples and/or quotes from the book. In the case of a quote, be sure to indicate the page(s) from which the quote was taken. O’Brien tells Winston, “We have always been at war with Eastasia”(265). In body paragraph #2, explain how and why this contradiction works. Again, how can something which is obviously contradictory function in Oceania? Why do characters accept these seemingly obvious lies? Be specific as opposed to being general with examples and/or quotes. On page 83 it is clear that logic itself is in question because 2+2 can actually equal 5. 

3.  Write a conclusion that explains how contradiction sometimes functions in our own world. In this final paragraph you are essentially making a comparison between Oceania and our world today. 

4.  Essay must be written in MLA format with appropriate page numbers, margins,  and font.

Contradiction Essay Outline When one writes an outline, that person need not worry about writing complete sentences; getting the information written down in an ordered format, even in fragmented form, is what’s important.  Place your supporting evidence in the blank spaces below.  

*Must be 5 paragraphs

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