Need help with my writing homework on Heparin overdoses in infants (2006-2008). Write a 750 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Heparin overdoses in infants (2006-2008). Write a 750 word paper answering; While, on the other hand, subcutaneous injection, can be done by the patient himself, and this is done by injecting the drug under the skin. Over a dose of heparin has caused deaths of infants, unqualified people have administered it while under looking the roles and responsibilities of doctors who are qualified to handle it. Health professionals involved in the administration of heparin injection to the patients have got vital roles and responsibilities. These should be undertaken to ensure that the drug is administered safely. they should have the knowledge, skill, and judgment to evaluate the appropriateness of medication for a particular patient. It is also important that they give the patient education on the rationale for the therapy and what is expected of them during the procedure. It is prudent for them to have the knowledge on the developmental stage of the patient. Moreover, they should ensure that the patient’s current weight is recorded on the drug chart before taking any step. The professionals have a role to ensure that the patient is comfortable by selecting a suitable place where they are able to monitor the patient while administering the medication. They are supposed to evaluate the outcome of the medication and advice the patient effectively as they document the process. This process is supposed to be undertaken guided with the fundamental principles, those that are ethical and enshrined within the various constitutions. The professional doctor who administers heparin must have an understanding of national and local anticoagulant guidelines and their application. this gives them the knowledge on how and when to administer the drug effectively. It is their role to have the guidelines on how to keep safe the patient records for future reference store them well and be trustworthy with the confidential information of the patient. Besides, they should show competency in going by the guidelines on the administration of the medicines and putting into consideration the prescriptions that are provided. It is ethical that they understand the guiding principles for waste and sharps handling and their disposal, as well. Moreover, the professionals should have with them the knowledge and understanding of drug calculations appropriate the prescribed injectable, right dose dilution and length of delivery. this makes them be able to know on how to deal with risks, patient safety values and causes of medical errors. Professionals’ administrators of heparin to patients should be able to ensure confidentiality to their clients in the most appropriate way. Patient-identifiable information should not be left unattended. always it is advisable that the administration of the medication be done in a place where the patient is more comfortable. This makes them to be convinced that their confidential information is held secure. Such information should also be locked away immediately after it has been finished with, and in areas where this is impossible, then restrictions should be put in place to bar others. The doctors should ensure that they never leave patient-identifiable information anyhow to be accessed by others. they should at all cost avoid carrying with them such confidential information away from work because they can be misplaced or stolen.