Nursing Mental Health 19899879



Self-awareness is a key part of the psychiatric nursing experience. The nurse’s goal is to achieve authentic, open and personal communication that is therapeutic in nature. The nurse must be able to examine personal feelings, actions, and reactions. 

1. Watch the TED talk “Lessons from a Mental Hospital”

2. After viewing please complete the following assignment:

Personal Reflection #1

Turn in your first personal reflection assignment following the guidelines below:

1) How do you feel about the mentally ill population?

2) What feelings, fears and vision do you have about working with psychiatric patients?

3)  What do you hope to accomplish during this course?

4)  What self-care strategies do you use or would like to use for your own mental health?

Make sure your paper is at least 2 pages double spaced. Include anything else that you want in order to personally reflect about this experience. This assignment is designed for you to think about how you feel about working with the mentally ill population. 

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