Nursing Specialty Powerpoint Presentation Nurse Practioner


Your presentation must include the following components: Your Preferred/desired specialty (nurse PractitionerNurse) Description of the specialty The education required for the specialty Professional organizations that are available in your specialty The target population for the specialty, their needs, and comorbidities The availability of your specialty in your community and the mission of the organizations (I live in Minnesota) Describe and discuss culturally competent care and/or developmental competence within the client population Explain how each of the QSEN competencies (patient-centered care, teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based practice, informatics, quality improvement, and safety) are utilized throughout your specialty or with the target population Create a scenario within your specialty, include 2-3 questions for the class to answer Create a SMART goal related to your specialty’s main  goal

include APA reference citation as indicated

my specialty of interest is Nurse Practitioner, and live in Minnesota 

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