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 Title: see instruction -sunmeng

Paper type; Coursework

Paper format; MLA

Course level; Undergraduate

Subject Area; Other (Not listed)

# pages; 3   ( or 900 words Minimum)

Spacing; Double Spacing

# sources; 0

Paper Details

How do details make meanings?
Write paragraphs. Do not write the introduction and the conclusion. Paragraphs is used to add into my draft.inside the 3 pages. Find the several wonderful details and analysis their meanings.Best to attach to the writing style in my draft.
Must write:
1 analyze the article details
2 belong to what type (character growth, emotions, prediction shadow, environment, theme, object)
3 surface meaning
4 deep meaning
Select the obvious features to write::
1 rhetorical situation
2 connection、relation between details
3 influence to audience
4 appeal to emotion


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