our choice of career or the career you are considering going into in the future(computer science major )


Evaluation Essay


In 750-900 words, write an essay in which you evaluate one of the topics below:

· Your choice of career or the career you are considering going into in the future(computer science major )


· Minimum of 3 quotes from 1 source, detailed below. Additional sources (up to 2 more) are allowed.

o If you choose the career evaluation option, use the Bureau of Labor & Statistics website. and then another 1 qoute from another site aswell 


This essay (and the next) should include a developed counterargument. Counterarguments serve to examine an idea contrary to your own. When you have fully examined that contrary opinion, you will refute it in such a way that the audience is convinced of your idea.

With this type of essay, counterarguments are likely to be why someone might not think that career or transfer school would be a good choice in general or for you in particular.

MLA Format

Your essay should be properly formatted according to the most up-to-date MLA standards found in your textbook and in course resources.

Proper formatting includes the following criteria:

· MLA General Format

· In-text citations that follow the 3-step sandwich method

· Works Cited page that follows all MLA guidelines

Minimum Requirements

Essays that do not meet the minimum requirements are not eligible to earn a passing grade for the assignment.

At least 750 words long

Interesting introduction that includes a hook, development of that hook, a transition, and a specific, arguable thesis

At least 3 body paragraphs

A clear counterargument paragraph

3 quotes from the approved sources above

another source from different location one or more

A conclusion that sums up main ideas and does not introduce new ideas

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