Part 1: Patient Education Tool Complete the following: Choose one of the following topics as the bas

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Part 1: Patient Education Tool
Complete the following:
Choose one of the following topics as the basis for your patient education tool:
Antibiotics (Amoxil/Amoxicillin) for pediatric ear infections.
Statin therapy (Zocor/Simvastatin) for a newly diagnosed patient with hypercholesterolemia.
Antihypertensive (ACE inhibitors/Lisinopril/Zestril) for a patient who was discovered to have hypertension at a health screening at work.
Drugs for treating gastric acidity (Proton pump inhibitors/antacids/H2 blockers) for a patient complaining of chronic indigestion and heartburn.
Ear drops or eye drops (or both) for an elderly patient.
Any newly released medication for a patient in your area of practice. This might be a new drug for diabetes, hypertension, or arthritis or a new antibiotic.
Include the following in your patient education tool:
Explain appropriate use of the medication.
Identify specific factors (age, access, culture, and so on) that may affect the efficacy of the medication.
Describe possible chemical interactions, side effects, or other negative reactions patients need to be aware of.
Explain correct handling, storage, and disposal of the medication.
Include any other information you feel would be beneficial and promote patient safety and quality outcomes.
You may format Part 1, the patient education tool, any way you wish, but be sure it is logical and understandable by the typical patient who would use it. Feel free to include pictures or diagrams to reinforce the information.
Part 2: Evidence-Based Practice
Provide evidence for the information you included in the patient education tool:
Explain how the patient education tool adheres to the principles and practices of cultural competence. In other words, is the tool appropriate for all cultures, genders, ages, et cetera; or could it be easily adapted for specific needs?
Format Part 2 according to APA guidelines. This is not a document you would provide to a patient but, for this assessment, it will provide faculty with the academic and professional principles necessary to evaluate your work.
Additional Requirements
At least 2 current scholarly or professional resources.
For Part 2 only: