Pizza Oh Briefing Note: A successful Canadian chain of pizza outlets

Pizza Oh Briefing Note: A successful Canadian chain of pizza outlets


Pizza, Oh! is a successful Canadian chain of pizza outlets operating within the United States of America and Canada looking to join globalization.

Purpose of Briefing Note

The reason for this briefing note is to advise the leadership management of pizza Oh of the best strategy to use while expanding globally. The focus will be based on the need to consider the viable option on branding strategies available and the forms of service provision between the use of standardization and customization strategies.


Pizza, Oh! has been a successful Canadian company through the chain of pizza outlet in which it operates throughout the United States and Canada. Furthermore, the company has focused on building a presence in the industry by developing strategies, such as positioning the operations from a fast food type restaurant to a more emphasize elements of superior food quality excellent services and a suitable environment for the customers. In this regard, it has realized the need to expand internationally through its operations to improve the customer’s reach through diversification `in different markets (De Beule, Elia, & Piscitello, 2014). The management is tasked with the decision on the best strategies to use for the market entries in overseas markets by the company.


Pizza, Oh! will require to choose a significant strategy for new market entry through the application of appropriate name branding as well as the type of service provided to the targeted overseas markets. The company also prides itself a reliant and excellent service within the market due to its successful improvements and innovations in the delivery of services.


The company started its operations initially as a fast food restaurant in the market until the new development of changes made by the management. The changes made were a shift from its brand name and services provided, which they referred to as restaurant with superior food quality excellent services and a suitable environment for the customers. Furthermore, to levels of competition, the company seeks its presence in the international market.


The best way to determine the review for the type of service or market entry model that can suit the company is through the application of SWOT analysis.

The strengths. Pizza Oh views the level of customer satisfaction through its model of business operations implemented over the recent past. The development of strategic positioning has been the strength of the company since it has improved the level of customer satisfaction by setting up amenities, which attract more and new customers to the premises (Pandit, & Poojari, 2014).

Weakness. The local customers feel that there is a little gap exhibited through the exclusion of everybody to fit in the menu. For instance, parents who liked to dine with their children find it limited because there is no provision of their menus.

Threat. The rising level of competition as customers always goes for the greater convenience of the services that does not exclude other people. Another threat of the company is the ability to consider rebranding, which would have an impact on their service delivery (Ghasemi, Abdi, Yaghmaei, & Nemati, 2015). Proper management of service delivery should be strategized with a backup of research to determine and express the image of the company positively.

Opportunities. The strategic positioning in which the company developed has provided a positive impact within the market. There are many customers interested to dine within the restaurants of pizza due to their excellent and superior food quality supplied by the company. The other opportunity in which the company has is the ability to expand into different overseas markets (Syed, 2016). Primarily, this is created by its brand image present in the market, which has significantly attracted new customers.


Pizza oh presents a likely strategic move to expand their market reach through globalization. Furthermore, the essential aspect to put into consideration is the weaknesses and threats it may receive through the operations when considering to expand into the overseas markets. The global brand name is often an essential element, which sells the name of the company and attracts new customers due to its presence in other markets. Therefore, a further application would significantly impact the operations of the targeted market.


It is recommended that the company should use its brand name and the standardization strategy for international expansion of business operations. The reason for this aspect is because it will improve and develop a positive image of the company to the targeted markets due to the policies known from other markets (De Beule, Elia, & Piscitello, 2014). This primarily states their quality of service on the provision of superior fast food quality and excellent satisfaction of customers.

Key Message/ Points to Register

The pizza Oh has attracted many customers within the local and international market through its brand and business operations structure.  Therefore, it should be focusing on the initiation programs which will make the development of new branches overseas to be meet the potential of these markets.            


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