Producer Consumer Problem 19762825

 Define an integer buffer with the size of 32 and implement a circular queue data structure that is used by producers and a consumer. Next, you will need to initialize the mutex lock and semaphores. In this assignment, you will use two semaphores where one indicates a full queue and the other indicates an empty queue. The producer function is used to insert a random number between 0 and 10 to the queue. The consumer function is used to remove a number from the queue in a FIFO fashion. In addition, inside the loops of the producer and consumer functions, add a random delay between 0 and 2 seconds to simulate various lengths of processes. In addition, you are required to use 2 producers and 1 consumer for this assignment where 0 and 2 are producers and 1 is consumer (3 threads). Finally, your code should run forever. 

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