Project Topic 19480573


In preparation for the capstone change project proposal, compile a list of three to five possible topics for your project and submit to the assignment instructor.

Using PICOT formulate five original project topic from the following;

1. Bipolar

2. Metabolism syndrome

3.  Depression

4. Hypothyroidism

5. Hyperthyroidism

Sample of PICOT questions: 

In adult cardiac surgery patient  experiencing post-operative pain (P) immediately following surgery (P), is morphine (I) or fentanyl (C), administered intravenously,

more effective in reducing postoperative(T) pain (O)?

For immune-compromised patients, 50 years and older (P),

does the use of pneumonia vaccine (I) reduce the future risk (T) of pneumonia (O) compared with patients who have not received the vaccine (C)?

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