Question 1 The Pew Research center collects data on a variety of topics including the use of the Int

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Question 1

The Pew Research center collects data on a variety of topics including the use of the Internet and Social Media For example, one of its recent studies looks at the use of dating apps While using this type of secondary data has several benefits, one of the downsides for decision makers is that _____________________________

it does not include observation data

it can only be used by members of the Pew Research Foundation

it is based on a single survey

it may not have the exact information needed for a particular decision problem

it is very expensive to obtain

QUESTION 3 _________________________ are a popular way of conducting marketing research There are many benefits of getting a group of people together to discuss new products and other marketing ideas However, one downside of this method is that one person may have too much influence on the discussion, which would influence the results

Experimental interviews

Mall-intercept studies

Ethnographic studies

Focus groups

Observational studies

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QUESTION 4 _________________________ is a measure of how much the brand itself, not just the product, influences how likely consumers are to buy a particular product, remain loyal over time, and are willing to pay a premium for the product Brand awareness Market strength Brand power Customer value Brand equity

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QUESTION 5 A wide variety of retailers ranging from Target and Walmart to Nordstrom sell private brands (also called private labels) The main reason they do so it that ___________________________ retailers usually have better margins on brands that they own and manage themselves these brands are often supported by a lot of advertising from the manufacturing company brands owned by private individuals are easier to sell consumers typically don’t care about what brands they buy once they have selected what store to shop in these brands are only available to the retailer’s VIP customers and therefore make the shopping experience unique for these customers