Theoretical Topic: Value of the Study

Complete the following steps: Using the      Doctoral Library, locate 4 peer-reviewed (journal-length) sources that      report empirical studies associated with your selected theoretical topic      (from Phase 2 Task 1).   Download      the articles.  Prepare descriptions      for each that indicate the value of the study in understanding your      own dissertation research ideas. 

In 3–6 pages, address the following: Title      indicating the selected theoretical topic  Complete reference      of each source in APA format  Study      author’s abstract (copy and paste directly from the source into your      paper).  Your      description regarding the value of this empirical study for your own      dissertation research process 

MY PHASE 2 TASK 1 was about  Information Systems: Weigel, F. K., Hazen, B. T., Cegielski, C. G., & Hall, D. J. (2014). Diffusion of innovations and the theory of planned behavior in information systems research: A metaanalysis. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 34, 619–636. Retrieved from

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