Round Table 3 – Wodaabe way (Links to an external site.) 

Many different cultures and customs exist in the world.  Watch the video and share your thoughts.

Please include the following…(Do not post the questionnaires and summary of the video in your post! Point will be deducted) 1)  Why do the Wodaabe men dance instead of sing, build something, paint, send gifts or make a speech?  Please state your opinion why the dance was chosen over other forms to attract women or used in the ceremony?  There will be no right or wrong answer, however, “Because it is their tradition”, “That’s the way they have been living their life”, “Because they were told”  won’t be considered a good enough reason to get full credit! 2)  Your personal reflection.* I am not interested in any researched materials (do not include any research results or quotes!  Points will be deducted!  Do not post the summary of video). 3) Make comments on at least two classmates’ posts. In order to get a full 20 points, your initial comment must be posted by Thursday, 11:59 PM.  After that, you need to make a minimum of two responses to classmates’ posts!!  You must spread your initial post and responses over the course of three different dates. (See the rubric) 

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