SEJ101: Electronics & Electrical Engineering- Design Portfolio Assignment Help Task: In 2018…

SEJ101: Electronics & Electrical Engineering- Design Portfolio Assignment Help


In 2018 SEJ101 assessment will consist of nine tasks that will develop a portfolio of your assessed work. Throughout the trimester you will have the opportunity for feedback on all eight tasks before final submission. Some of the tasks will be quite straight forward others will be more complex. This assessment accounts for 50% of your entire grade for SEJ101, so it is well worth spending time on this task each and every week.

The challenge for you is to design a physical artefact that is related to your discipline. So for civil engineers it can be a structural item like a concrete slab as part of a building or a road intersection, for mechatronic students it can be an electro-mechanical device.

The product you design must have a minimum of five components of sufficient complexity. You will need to research the user of the product, materials and manufacturing technologies to produce the product and also apply professional standards such as dimensioning and tolerances.

Portfolio Task 1 – Idea/Concept Sketch
Developed at a personal level to communicate an idea/concept quickly and effectively using simple shapes and lines. Can also be known as a napkin or back-of-the-envelope sketch. Details are minimal; the focus is on the image, just simple key words to list major features.

Your portfolio should include:
• 3 – 4 Concept sketches of each part in your design
o i.e top, front, isometric and/or side view
• 3 – 5 sketches of the entire product assembled / layout
o i.e top, front, isometric and/or side view
• To be scanned and uploaded to the portfolio in JPEG format

Portfolio Task 2 – Pin / Mood / Inspiration Board
Helps expand thoughts during the design process. It is a collection and curation process to organise and integrate ideas and thought through images. It is a technique used by many professional to refine thoughts and look at interesting features that other people have developed and be expanded upon. Applications such as Pinterest are a good digital version of a Pin / Mood / Inspiration Board.

Your board should be a collection of no less than 25 ideas/images about your individual design; youalso need to write a summary of 400-500 words on why this collection of images have influenced your design.

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