Short answer | English homework help


Read A Summer Love Poem (Nikki Giovanni) and answer the questions in short. 

1) Find examples of assonance in the poem.

2) Find examples of consonance in the poem.

3) Find examples of alliteration in the poem.

4) Identify significant figurative language in the poem (literary devices).

5) Evaluate: How does sound imagery/devices enhance the theme and the message of the poem???

6) Famous quotes are given below : which one do you identify with the most? Explain your reasoning.

  • “Reduced to its simplest and most essential form, the poem is a song. Song is neither discourse nor explanation.” – Octavio Paz 
  • “Poems come out of wonder, not out of knowing.” – Lucille Clifton.
  • Poetry is always the cat concert under the window of the room in which the official version of reality is being written.” – Charles Simic. 
  • “Hundreds of things coming together at the right moment.” – Elizabeth BishopIdentify speaker, persona, tone, mood, and voice.

 7) Apply at least five components from the checklist to the poems: Describe the poem’s use of imagery.

Define all unknowns and allusions.

Address specific use of symbolism and figurative language.

Research Background.

Look for juxtapositions.

Determine Author’s Purpose.

Explain the Theme.

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