Special Topics In Nursing Practice 19913743


Rapid advances in technology development and telehealth adoption are opening new opportunities for nurses and healthcare providers to leverage technology for safe, high-quality care and improved patient outcomes. Telehealth encompasses a broad definition of telecommunications and information technology-enabled health care.

Explain the following terms: Telehealth Telemedicine Telenursing

Telehealth in its many forms can provide many benefits; however, there are issues that surround this mode of healthcare delivery. Four main issues related to telehealth are:

1. Reimbursement

2. Medicolegal issues/Nursing licensure

3. Technical Issues

4. Research

Please choose one of the following telehealth topics below for your initial response post. Include key aspects of the four issues noted above in your discussion. E-Intensive Care Units Portable Telehealth Self-Monitoring Devices Telehomecare Telemental Health Teletrauma Care

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