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Program Level Assessment Fall 2016


Response Sheet




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PART I:  Maximizing Revenue        (Quantitative Literacy)

1.    Interpretation: Using complete sentences, explain the information represented by the graph.

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2.    Representation and Calculations: Find the approximate revenue when the price of the item is…

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a.    p=$20             R= ______________

b.    p=$40             R= ______________

c.    p=$60             R= ______________

d.    p=$80             R= ______________

e.    p=$100           R= ______________

f.     p=$120           R= ______________

3.    Application and analysis: Make a judgment and draw appropriate conclusions based on the quantitative analysis of the data represented in the given graph. (Hint: Does the data lead you to the maximum point on the graph? How does knowing this projected maximum point help this company?)Write at least two or three sentences to explain your answer.

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4.    Assumptions: What assumptions did you make in your estimate of the maximum revenue and the needed price to charge to reach this maximum revenue? (Hint: When looking at the graph, what did you assume about the data shown?) Write at least two or three sentences to explain your answer.

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PART II:  Maximizing Revenue    (Communication and Critical Thinking – includes QL6)




Write a 250 – 400 word essay (about 3 – 4 paragraphs) explaining how to solve the following problem:


The John Deere Company has found that the revenue from sales of heavy-duty tractors is a function of the unit price p that it charges.  If the revenue R is R(p) = 0.5p2 + 1900p , what unit price p should be charged to maximize revenue?  What is the maximum revenue? What recommendations would you give the John Deere Company?

Pretend you are explaining this to someone who has not taken a math class in several years. Be sure to include the following in your explanation:

·         what the p and R represent,

·         the actual value of the maximum revenue and the price needed to achieve this value, and

·         recommendations you would give the John Deere Company   (Hint: How can the data you calculated be used to benefit the company? For example, why shouldn’t the company charge $2000 or more for each tractor?)


Use proper English and full sentences with ideas separated into paragraphs. Spelling and grammar count!

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