state of trance

The Pack

Individual who has manages

A shaman can be described as an individual who has manages to acquire some access and influence in the spirits world. This is mostly achieved when the individual is in a state of trance during dances and rituals, healing process, or divination practices. Shamanism is concerned with the spirits of nature and a shaman is believed to interact with the spirits of elements, ancestors, and those of superior transpersonal (godlike) beings who act as helpers and guiders to humanity. The case that inspired Joseph Beuys work dubbed ‘the pack’ indicates some case of shamanic experience.state of trance

Volunteered to join the Luftwaffe in the WW2

Joseph Beuys had by 1940, when he was 19 years old, volunteered to join the Luftwaffe in the WW2. While on a mission three years later, he was involved in an air-crash where the pilot of the plane Beuys was in died instantly. However he survived and The Pack was inspired by his version of what transpired after the accident. It is said that that he was found lying unconscious in the snow by some tartars who carried him on a wooden sled to their village where they covered him with fat to keep him warm. The apparent smell of fat on waking up awakened the inner artist within him.state of trance

Incident inspired Beuys

This incident inspired Beuys to create a number of notable works of art among which is ‘the Pack’. This work consists of twenty wooden sleds appearing to spill of a Volkswagen bus. Each sled bears a rolled up felt blanket, a rope, a flashlight, and a mould of fat. The story as depicted in the art is a statement of his belief that humanity can survive if they cared for one another.state of trance

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