The Development of strategic planning

The Development of strategic planning

The development of strategic planning is vital within a company because it assists in defining the direction and process of making decisions to allocate the available resources to achieve the objectives. Furthermore, it may also entail the need to control mechanisms, which are used to guide the implementation of the desired strategy. The main focus of strategic planning for delta international airlines is to determine and set priorities, which deal with the ability to strengthen the operations that ensure the stakeholders and employees are working towards achieving the common goal (Delta Airlines Inc., 2017). Therefore, it is imperative to understand the development of strategic tactics and the implementation, evaluation, and continuous improvement of Delta Company to achieve its competitive advantage in the industry.

The strategic management process entails a set of rules that assist in the development of strategic tactics of a company such as delta airlines. The tactic which delta airlines can develop is the need to improve the customer experience with the company. The employees of the company are the individuals who are the first people to initiate the need to create change. Most of the airlines do not have the best reputation within their operations in the contemporary world. The reason behind such cases is due to the constant flight delays, the crowded terminals that are experienced by the customers. These challenges often need measures that can be useful to mitigate the issues to the customers by focusing on improving the marketing tenets. The primary provision and strategies to be put in place can be the redefinition of the fight experience through the development of a continuous longstanding tradition of treatment of customers by the employees. The ideal vision is based on the determination activities, which impact the employees to be active in their duties. This aspect aims to reflect on the ideology that happy employees is often equal to happy customers. The other strategic tactic is the development of technology innovation that has become the prevailing trends in the business world. The airline industry companies are investing in the invention of techniques, which can minimize problems they face by keeping up with new advancements. For instance, achieving this element can be effective through the provision of services such as free wi-fi, flight entertainment that can be considered as vital flyers. These changes in the development of technology have assisted delta airlines in accomplishing the objectives to become competitive within the industry. The level of success is often considered through the level of differentiation of the company, which delta airlines have incorporated to be the leader among their competitors (Delta Airlines Inc., 2017). The changes in cultures that are required to meet these development tactics can be based on the operations and leadership management of the company. Delta airlines can change their routines in regards to the leadership structure, which can give or provide an immediate change necessary needed.

The strategic development tactics need to be incorporated through implementation, evaluation and enhancing continuous improvement by the company management. The implementation of customer relationship and experience is considered a serious challenge within the airline industry. Primarily, this is because it brings about the changes that take place at all levels that involve every employee. However, there are various strategies in which delta airlines can use to implement the strategy for continuous improvement successfully. Ensuring the leadership management are actively involved is one of the ways that can be used by the company. The adoption of the strategy can be successful when people use the system, especially from the senior executives. The project of customer experience often involves all people in the organization and the association of top management can be useful in inspiring to build credibility within delta airlines (Delta Airlines Inc., 2017). Pitting up sufficient training and involving effective project manager can also be imperative in implementing and ensuring continuous improvement of customer experience. The most important person is the individual having the mandate to run the project because they often orchestrate the entire show.  Therefore, the identification of such individual with the necessary skills set can take essential steps and time to meet the goals. The project manager does not necessarily come from the management team but instead a person with enthusiasm and commitment to deliver and obtain the objectives of the company.

Conclusively, the understanding of strategic planning is vital for companies in the airline industry. The benefit of developing this element is to assist in making priorities, which focus on strengthening the operations by ensuring the employees are working towards achieving the goals of the company. Therefore, the development tactics of strategy that Delta airline needs to put into consideration is the customer experience and improvement in the level of technology innovation. These challenges are essential because they are common issues that affect most of the companies in the airline industry. Notably, the implementation of these tactics consists of involvement of leadership management to take part in the development of these strategies. The other way to implement the project entails the use of enthusiastic manager in operations who do not necessarily need to be from the management team.


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