The Impact Of Mobile Technologies And Cloud Processing Environments On Application Security


Every year mobile technology is getting more advanced as everyone needs mobile in their daily life in almost every bit of life. Advances in technology thus allow users to collect, modify, or access the data or any useful information over a network. Therefore, this essay discusses the pros and cons of mobile cloud computing and mobile technologies.

Mobile technologies refer to technologies or any device utilized for cellular communication and are accessible anywhere by a user (Sheng 2010). They help to connect individuals or businesses from one person to another across the world. Cellular technology refers to exactly what cell phone systems dependent on the innovation which give phones the name ‘cell phone.’ Cloud computing refers to the basic terms, which means accessing and storing data or programs that are useful to the user or business enterprise over the internet instead of storing them in the computer hard drives (Popović & Hocenski 2010). Developing cloud technologies is a major step in the field of information systems and data sharing. Application security refers to the general practice of manufacturers, adding some functionalities or features to the mobile software to prevent several various threats. These features include denial of some service attacks and other cybercrimes, data theft situations, or data breaches. It thus includes various procedures, software, and hardware that identify or minimize security vulnerabilities.


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