The main purpose of this progress report is building the main model for your project that…

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The main purpose of this progress report is building the main model for your project that
will take the input data produced by the code you have developed in Progress Report 2, and
produce the optimal solution that will be displayed using controls on a form. You can
modify your earlier code to make it work with your model. You will also include additional
forms to view and modify your input data using the drag N drop method.
Follow the instructions below to complete Progress Report 3:
1. Create (or go to if exists) the project directory with the path (C:BIT3444Project) and
inside this folder, create a folder named "PR3" with the path
2. Copy your existing code from PR2 to this folder or start a new project and copy relevant
parts of your code from PR2. Include the Optimization.vb class in your project, which
has the main functions for adding decision variables, constraints, objective function,
solving the model, and getting the optimal values. Create additional classes, forms, LINQ
queries, etc. as you see fit to complete PR3. Remember to follow proper naming
conventions, and include brief comments throughout your entire project, especially
above important methods or blocks of code within methods to explain what the code
3. Include a form for each table in your database, name these forms appropriately.
Following the in-class example (see page W11A for video), use the drag N drop method
to create either a DataGridView or a DetailView interface on these forms so your data
can be viewed and modified. If a form stops working or causes problems, delete the
form, create a new one and repeat the drag N drop method for this form. Make sure to
change the "Copy to Output" property to "Copy if Never" for your database and also the
dataset you use for drag N drop. On your main form, add a list box with the table names
and a button to open the form that corresponds to the name selected from the list box.