The Nicest Kids in Town Book Review (aka Delmont Response)


Assignment:  You are a book reviewer for the Los Angeles Times.  You have to write a book review on Matthew Delmont’s The Nicest Kids in Town: American Bandstand, Rock n’ Roll, and the Struggle for Civil Rights in 1950’s Philadelphia.  This book review is a way to tell the reader what the book is about. Whether you like or dislike the book, you will need to summarize the main points of the book that support Delmont’s overall argument.  

This is an essay, in which you will need to address the following: The author’s overarching argument Several main points that support the authors argument (three minimum) Strengths of the book  – Where does this book shine? Where does Delmont do his best work?  Weaknesses of the book – What is missing that you think should be included? What sections of the book could have been excluded (if any)?  Recommend/ Not Recommend For Recommend – Why would you recommend it? Who would benefit from reading this book?  For Not Recommend – Why?  This needs to be constructive and meaningful not simply, ” too long” or “not enough pictures”.

Format: 12pt. Times New Roman Font 500 words or more (should be about a page) 

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