Urgent Work 2-3 pages Required. A+ Work Needed. 8 Hours

Performance Task: Write a Short Story

The texts in this collection focus on how individuals see things, both from a scientific viewpoint and from a more subjective, emotional perspective. Look back at the essay “Coming to Our Senses” and the other texts you have read in this collection. Synthesize your ideas about them by writing a suspenseful or surprising short story.

An effective short story begins by introducing a setting, a narrator, and a main character. has an engaging plot with a central conflict that the characters try to resolve. provides a clear sequence of events. uses a variety of narrative techniques to develop characters, plot, theme, and suspense or surprise. sets a pace that keeps the reader curious about the next plot event. includes sensory language and descriptive details. ends with a logical and satisfying resolution of the conflict.

Important information and requirements are attached

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