Week 6 Discussion 19523717

  Do you think there should be an ethical code for robots and robotic systems, engineers, designers and corporations? Do you think engineers, programmers and companies should be held responsible if their robots run amuck and hurt someone? Does it matter if they are not “professionals”? Do you think robots should be used by the US government to replace soldiers in a time of war? Where else does the military use robots? What is your opinion on autonomous (driver-less) cars? What do you think of the chatbots communicating with each other? Do you think robots should be used to assist in care taking of the sick, elderly and children? In what ways? Do you think robotic replacement parts should be used in humans? What special design and testing would need to be done? What do you think about replacement parts being “super human”? (for example – The Six Million Dollar Man). Can you think of other ethical considerations of using robots, robotics and AI? Give your opinion and some examples.

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