What is the name of this famous river? Type: 24 39 2851N, 87 59 2470 Ganges Indus Godavari Namada Wh

What is the name of this famous river? Type: 24 39 2851N, 87 59 2470





Where is the main source of this famous river? Type: 24 37 4745N, 88 06 5379E

in the Gulf of Khambhat

in Dhaka

in the Bay of Bangal

in the southern slopes of the Himalayas

What is the name of this rugged landscape? (Zoom out to approximately 280 miles) Type: 37 08 2450N, 73 27 4484E


Chagai Hills

Chota Nagpur

Hindi Kush

What is the name of the river near the city of Dera Ismail Khan? Type: 31 49 2575N, 70 54 3394E





Known as the Friendship Bridge, it was built by the Soviets in 1982 Which two countries share the bridge? Type: 37 13 4365N, 67 25 4034E

Afghanistan and Pakistan

Uzbekistan and Pakistan

India and Pakistan

Afghanistan and Uzbekistan

What is the name of this spot? Type: 9 48 0893N, 79 31 3308E

Indian Ocean



Palk Strait

You are to spot a river and follow it in an easterly direction Which capital city can be found near the river? Type: 26 21 3274N, 83 16 5751E




New Delhi

This is a spot you must visit if you are in India The building represents a monument in honor of a beloved spouse What is the name of this building? Type: 27 10 3009N, 78 02 3214E

Garden of Faith

Taj Mahal

Parliament House


This city is the capital of the India state of Karnataka It is at the forefront of the new economy which is turning India into a major global economic power What is the nickname of this city? Type: Bangalore, India

Electric Bangalore

Iron City

21st Century city

Silicon Valley of India

Mumbai is among Indian cities that are bursting their seams due to rapid rural-urban migration Briefly describe what you are looking at in this spot Type: 19 01 1337N, 72 49 0466E

spontaneous squatter settlements with legal recognition

government subsidized housing development

slum or neglected parts of cities where housing and living conditions are appallingly lacking

a new housing development by the private sector

Afghanistan faces a difficult future in light of its history of war and an economy in shambles An example of the effect of war can be seen in this spot (Zoom in to about 1,000 feet) What are you looking at? Type: 34 29 5269N, 68 58 1938E

underground silos

storage space for opium

bomb craters


Explore this spot How will you describe the city in this image? Type: Kathmandu, Nepal

It is located in a valley

It is predominantly an Islamic country

It is not the capital city of the country

It does not allow foreigners to live in the city

Head to the country of Bhutan Why is this location known as a buffer state?

it is located between India and China

It is a small country

It has many cross-border contacts

Pay attention as you explore another city in this image What major problem is facing this city? Type: 22 19 4939N, 91 49 3063E

The national government does not recognize the city boundaries

It has no water source

it lies below sea-level and is prone to flooding

It is an island city

This spot represents the Ganges Delta, one of the largest in the world Which countries have access to the massive delta? Type: 22 29 5851N, 90 58 5967E

Bangladesh, India, and Myanmar

Myanmar and India

Bangladesh and India

India only

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