Why are computes systems m vulnerable?……………….

[ Discussion Questions] 1. Why are computes systems m vulnerable? 2. Why should inforrnation security be a prime conceal to management? 3. Is security a technical issue? A business issue? girth? Sup port your answer. 4. Compare information semidry in an organaalion with insuring a house. 5. Why ave authentication and authoirtation important to ewommerce? 6. Why is cross-bolder cyberciime expanding rapidly? Dis-cuss possible solutions.
7. Disc= why the Sathanes-Ortey Act is hart, an impact on 5651115618665. 8. What types of user authentication are used at your univer-sity and/or place of wink? Do these measurm seem to be effective? What 1, higher kvel of authentication were implemented? Would it be worth it, oi would it decrease productivitia 9. Why ale federal authorities so wortied about SCADA attacks?
[ Problem-Solving Activities 1. A critical pmblem is assessing how far a company is legally obligated to go in order to secuse pmsonal data. Because there h no such thing as perfect sect,556, there is ahvays more that you mn do), resolving thh question mn signifimndy affect cost. a. When are sect, measures that a company imple-ments mfficient M comply with its obligations? g S. Is there ash wm for a company to Imow if its security measures are sufficient? Can you dease a method f or any organization to dertimine if its seemity memurm 4 amid fide.,
5 percem If the center is damaged, the estbnatai damage to the compeer 855116e $4.0 a. Calculate the expected loss in dollars. S. An insurance agent h Miring imare your facility for an annual fee of 525,800. Anal, the offer, and dth cuss whether to accept it. . Enter novinscambistezzorg. Find out what the organiza-tion does. Learn about anvil scams and Web site scams. Repaid t2,t findings. . Visit novindlis.govIdlopublic (Department of Homeland
• • • • Security). Search the site far National Strategy to Secure

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