Why is it important to benchmark a process? a To ensure that all the steps are executed in the corre

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Why is it important to benchmark a process?

a To ensure that all the steps are executed in the correct order

b To establish how well the process is performing compared to similar processes

c To take a snapshot of the process at a point in time

dTo establish how fast a process can possibly be execute

2Which of the following is not a commercial function?

a Purchasing

b Accounting

c Politics


3Which of the following best defines embeddedness?

a A process does not exist in isolation, it must embedded in the organisation

b A process exists in isolation, it has nothing to do with the organisation

c A process does not exist in isolation, it’s optional to embed it in the organisation

dNone of the above

4Relationship maps show:

a The big picture

b Process flow between organisational functions

c What the inputs and outputs are from one organisational function to another

dAll of the above

5 aShow how not to do things

b To use advanced mapping techniques

c To force change

dNone of the above

6Which of the following is part of the Commercial Process?

a Politics

b Administration

c Management Science

dWinning prospects

7Which of the following processes has the most variability?

a Purchasing standard goods

b Purchasing customised goods

c Purchasing no goods

dPurchasing random goods

8Process strategic alignment refers to:

a All processes working to support the overall corporate strategy

b A process mapping exercise with a view to reengineer it

c Aligning the process inputs with the process outputs

dEnsuring that all functional areas that are engaged in the process are aware of the process requirements

9What processes is an organisation least likely to outsource?

a Core processes

b Support processes

c Information Processes

dManagement Processes

10What is a support process?

a Activities that serve to maintain the business

b Activities that are central to the business

c Activities only done by the CEO

dActivities that are related to outsourcing