You’ve sampled the email messages that have been sent to several middle managers of Sawder’s… 1 answer below »

You’ve sampled the email messages that have been sent to several middle managers of Sawder’s Furniture Company, which ships build-your-own particleboard furniture across the country. Here is one that repeats a message found in several other memos:

To: Sid, Ernie,

Carl From: Imogene

Re: Computer/printer supplies

Date: November 10, 2009

It has come to my attention that I have been waging a war against requests for computer and printer supplies (writable CDs, toner, paper, etc.) that are all out of proportion to what has been negotiated for in the current budget. Because we’re all good soldiers here, I hope you will take whatever our supply sergeant says is standard issue. Please, no “midnight requisitioning” to make up for shortages. Thanks for being Gl in this regard; it makes the battle easier for us all.

a. What metaphor(s) is (are) being used? List the predominant metaphor and other phrases that play on that theme.

b. If you found repeated evidence of this idea in other email messages, what interpretation would you have? Use a paragraph to explain.

c. In a paragraph, describe how the people in your systems analysis group can use the information from the email messages to shape their systems project for Sawder’s.

d. In interviews with Sid, Ernie, and Carl, there has been no mention of problems with obtaining enough computer and printer supplies. In a paragraph, discuss why such problems may not come up in interviews and discuss the value of examining email messages and other memos in addition to interviewing.



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