You are a product manager tasked to optimize the logistical efficiency of the Bike Share program…. 1 answer below »

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Knowledge Graph Assignment Due September 12 11:59pm Please look at all of the articles for your knowledge and use the linked dataset to complete the assignment completely. Go above and beyond. Background A knowledge graph represents relationships between entities – real-world objects, events, concepts, etc. • The nodes in a knowledge graph represents entities • The edges in a knowledge graph represents relationships between nodes, i.e. type of relationship between or strength or relationships between entities An example of knowledge graph is as follows: The nodes here represent entities like Models (i.e. Tesla Model 3), Car brands (e.g. Tesla, Renault), Cities & States and People. The edges represent relationships between those entities As an example of Knowledge Graph LinkedIn has developed, see this article A sample graph from a LinkedIn Knowledge Graph that plots skills and relationships between them may be as follows: Assignment Citi Bike NYC is the nation’s largest bike sharing program offered by Citi. It offers an easy and affordable way to get around town. Riders can register to become members of the program. They can pick up a bike from any bike station and return to any other designated bike station and ride for as long as they want. Citi Bike publishes its monthly rides data for use by developers, statisticians, academicians to analyze and visualize their ride data. We’d like you to download the trip data for June 2013 from this link (~577k records) and inspect / analyze it. You can see the explanation of column names on this page We are looking to assess your ability to work with open-ended data-sets. Can you ask relevant business questions and sufficiently answer them using available data? Specifically, we’d like you to work on the following questions 1. You are a product manager tasked to optimize the logistical efficiency of the Bike Share program. What are the top 3 business problems you’d seek to solve?