You are working as a Network Engineer with a computer systems integration company named “Skilled… 1 answer below »

Case Study:
You are working as a Network Engineer with a computer systems integration company named “Skilled Solutions”. You have been tasked with designing a new IoT Smart Office for a new medium size client “Sigmatic” based in Melbourne, which has another office in Adelaide. You will use your newly gained knowledge to design and manage the network infrastructure in order to facilitate a successful outcome for Skilled Solutions and the client which can accommodate their requirements now and for another five years.
As part of the project you are expected to create a smart office in Melbourne with the criteria and devices given below. The Main Smart Office at Melbourne includes, but is not limited to the following smart devices:
• Ceiling Fan
• Windows (3)
• Front Door
• Carbon Monoxide Detector
• Lawn Sprinkler
• Tablet Device
• Lamp
All devices are connected through the office wireless router to the modem which in turn is connected to the Internet via the ISP “Multinet”. All the devices are registered on the Remote Server. These devices should be controlled locally by a Tablet deice which is also connected to the wireless network.
Build and configure a smart office. (Refer to the file in the Student Resources Folder ITC560_Assignment_2_Help_file). Start the smart office from the basic file available from the link:
Save the file as StudentID_Firstname_ITC560.pkt (using your own student ID and first name).
All screenshots for each step with a brief explanation must be included in the document. Once the Assignment is complete, you must embed the packet tracer file in the word document as StudentID_Firstname_ITC560.pkt and display as an icon. The word document with all screenshots and packet tracer file must be submitted. The word file with packet tracer file embedded must be submitted on Turnitin.
Melbourne Smart Office Design:
1. Add, connect, enable and configure the registration server, tablet and wireless router as shown in Figure 1 below. (1 mark)
2a. Add, configure the smart devices and name these as given in Figure 1 below. Note that these devices should be wirelessly connected to a wireless router and should be encrypted using TKIP by using WPA2-PSK (the pass phrase must only be your student ID). (1 mark)
2b. Connect and activate the devices with username and password (use your Student ID for both). This is to ensure a unique login to the smart network. (1 Mark)
3. Set up all the smart device attributes in the Melbourne Office through the tablet web browser as shown in Figure 1 below. Students must use DNS such as to access all the connected devices. (3 marks)

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